I want to solve the variable problem

Why doesn’t the score go up when the ball lands on the right floor?
There is no problem because there is only one variable.
When there are two variables, one doesn’t work.

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Hi @chojaenam,

It’s because in a standard collision block, the 1st parameter overrides all previous collision events for that Item; so the solution is to swap the parameters, so the common Item is the 2nd parameter.

See this remix:

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First of all, thanks for the reply.
I would appreciate it if you could provide details on how to change the parameter.

and one more question

When the bear collides with the left wall, it moves well to the designated place, but when it collides with the middle wall, it does not move.
In the first place, I put physics properties on the bear and there was a problem that it would fall if it collided with a wall, so I made this code.

In line 7, change it to read when floor_right collides with ball.

And in line 6, the variable should be a, not b.

Thank you!!

solved the problem

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