I wonder where is this block?

I am looking for list block which is left block below image.
Now I use Korean version. I couldn’t find it.

This is list menu in Korean.

I can’t speak English well.
Is any one tell me where is this block.

Hi, You can find the list blocks in the Data section of the CoBlocks.
You can use the create empty list block then use the add " " to list blocks to add items.
You will need to have a Pro account to access these blocks.

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Thank you for your advice.
But I am looking for that block in blockly coding.
Do you know more information about it.

Hi, the blockly code you are looking for is in the lists section of blockly. But you can only access it with Pro license.

Thank you for you comment.
I have already got Cospaces Pro.
But I couldn’t find below block
Can you tell me where is it.

Hi @1114,

this is where you find the set variable block in Blockly.

Thank you.
It is in variable menu.