If you liked my Poppy Playtime game, fill out this form! It helps me a lot!

I made a game on CoSpaces named Poppy Playtime (not an original game) , and I thought the best way to improve it was to hear what you guys thought of it! In the form you can share your thoughts and opinions on my game! Thank you, it helps a lot!
Link to form: Poppy Playtime Review

Link to game: Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

If it’s not working, let me know down below :arrow_down:!


Very amazing game @Jurassic_P_Ark!!

This is now one of my favorite cospace projects I have played- the quality of the game was amazing and it felt like the real thing. I already submitted the form but just in case I’ll add that if there was one thing I wanted to change, it would be the animation of actions. Most of the time, 3d created doors just disappear or when placing things it just suddenly appears out of thin air, it would be really nice if you added animations to do that, especially when you use the stretchable hands to press the buttons. You could create a copy of a hand and shoot it at the button by making it move to the button’s location while leaving behind a trail of the arm. Once again, very nice work on the project!


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Thank you for the info! A couple things about the animation, so for the 3d created doors (I assume you mean doors that I made) , they do have animations there are just pretty fast so you probably missed them, so I will make them a bit slower for you too see!
And about the objects appearing, and hands moving, I will definitely improve that as much as possible! Once again thank you for the info!

Edit: For the hand animation, I don’t really know how to do code that in a non glitchy way; if you have any tips, that would be great!


Your welcome for telling you that you get stuck in the vents I was the one that emailed you about it

When are you posting chapter 2?

  1. What do you mean you get stuck in the vents? Could you go a bit more in detail? Also, I’m not sure I got any email from you…
  2. I have just started progress on chapter 2, although it might be awhile because it is a big game!

Well when I emailed you about it after I emailed you I tried going in the vents I didn’t get stuck again

I guess I just don’t remember your message! Thank you for the info either way!

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Hey @Jurassic_P_Ark!

Speaking of getting stuck in vents, I see huggy gets stuck in the vents whenever I drop down the hole when he is chasing me. I don’t know if it’s a bug, but just in case.

Hope this helped!

That is not a glitch, when you go further, Huggy Wuggy (his name is not Poppy, it is confusing though!) comes around another corner. I tried to make it seem like Huggy Wuggy was stuck, maybe I will change it to make it more obvious!

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your popy play time game is cool

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In chapter 2, I just found a new ending voice when I don’t stop the train like 30 min

Could you send me video or a link to a video of this new voice? Thank you!

Can you give update on progress of chapter 2? Like are you halfway?

I have been kind of busy, but I’m starting to make some progress!