Ignoring function

CoBlocksPart.block:1:QDJD4BBDDyConActivateRDD4BDFD4BBHD6BactionsRHDiBitemoBCH4BBHD4BBJDJL6DpushInDirectionZJDDyBmoveToZLDD4BCPD4BCRD4BBYpB4BBTD4BBcvB4BBVD4BBXDqBvalueiCTlr24MohqCdirectionSUPoBCRiCvelocityoBCPoBCPiCpositionoBCNiBtimeoBCLJLJLJLZLDDJP4BCkBxB4BCmBzB4BCoBxB4BBND4BBPD4BBRD4BCwBhCiCd9RMRKXPS40KxoBCNKyoBCLKzoBCJa1.0JHJHJH4BCqCvC4BCsCxC4BCuCzCa.75iB19.9iB2.65 but the code is ignoring the part about moving it back to its original spot

Hi @Noah_David,

the code works as follows:

  • The object is pushed in the direction and the further movements of it is controlled by physics. The code doesn’t wait for object to return to initial position.
  • The object is moved to new position.

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