Importing and putting things on the Gallery

Hello, I have made some pretty cool models and museums with lots of coding, and I am wondering how I can put them on the gallery. Can I put spaces on the gallery, or can I upload them to the gallery somehow?
Thanks for reading this!


Hi @Curtio,

We’re excited to see your space in the public gallery if you like to share it there! You can do so by pressing the “Share” - button in your toolbar and hit “Publish to gallery”.

Keep in mind that only teacher-accounts can publish to the public gallery. If you do not find the option to share your space, ask your teacher to publish it for you.

Cool! thanks! I’ll remake my museum and send it out!

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I want my students to share, but not to the gallery. Is there a way to make that possible to limit that ability for a teacher?

Ability to share to the gallery is already limited to teacher accounts only. Students can not do that. Stefan mentioned this in his post here.


Great! I am glad to be reminded of this. Thank you!