Inconsistent Physics engine

Hi all - So I am trying to get the ball to “reset” and come back to the same position as when the Play was clicked so that a set of events take place. But each time the ball does something different - like flies off to one corner or goes sideways etc. Can someone please help?

Also: The ball keeps going past the wall even when the Physics option is ON with weight given. Why does it do that?

Thank you.

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Hi @Shashi_Krishna!

The ball goes each time to different direction because the ‘forward’ direction is changed. When you setting the position the rotation remains intact. So you probably want to set absolute direction to fix this problem.

And the ball goes though the wall because you are using move block that knows nothing about physics.
If you will use the push block from physics category all should work fine.


Thank you! Shall try that and report back.