Insubordinate Casual Boy- Please Help!

One of my students has a problem in her cospace. Casual Boy is coded to turn around and walk to a painting however he turns in circles and then zooms off the page in the wrong direction. He did work correctly until a couple of days ago and she hasn’t altered her coding. Please help!

Share the cospaces, its hard to help without seeing what your talking about.

Thank you, completely new to this!!! I think it is attached now :slight_smile:

Although you shared it, you did not make it remix-able, and therefore I am unable to see the code. Comment again once you figure out of to do that and I’ll take a look.

Hi! I do not have the option to remix, although I don’t know why. I have watched several tutorials, but the remix button does not appear. Thank you anyways.

Probably you’re in a free plan ? you need to become a pro user.