Interactive new user tutorial

Where can the “interactive new user tutorial” be found?

Hi Tom, thanks for getting in touch.

We have introductory tutorials on Youtube that highlight the different tools/features and if you log in to your account and head to the gallery, you’ll find an interactive demo space. Is this what you are referring to? If so, please confirm and I’ll send some links across.


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Hi Ben,

I’m looking for the tutorial mentioned on the Badges page here…

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Hi Tom,

If you click on your profile picture in the top corner and select the Discobot GREETINGS, you’ll find the tutorial there.

It’s “hidden” in the last sentence that says

“If you’d like to learn more, select below and bookmark this private message. If you do, there may be a :gift: in your future!”

What you need to do is click the option icons that match the icons in the sentence like in the screenshot attached…


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I can’t seem to see the Discobot Greetings message in my notifications.

Not sure if you are able to see my notifications? :face_with_monocle: