Interface problem to setting physics properties of non-yet-existing items using CoBlocks

I liked the Jenga game, and so did my students. I decided to use it to highlite strong points of the virtual; you can make something that you can’t in the real world, ánd it is possible to tweak, change or play with the physics (Jenga under water or on the moon anyone? :wink:

There are however a few issues:
When using an ipad, i can’t adjust physics properties of objects that do not yet exist…

And even without “touching” any blocks, a tower with “many” layers topples on its own…

Enjoy playing (or remixing) with the blocks and code :wink:

Hi @Chris,

That’s a cool tower builder you made there!

To set physics on a recently made item, you can store it into a variable and then set its physics properties.

Below is a remixable example that makes use of scene-functions to organize the code, and variables that store the block copy so that you can use physics settings on it :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the prompt response (and the refactoring;) !
It makes sense that a variable can hold an item for which you can set its physics properties. The getItem coblock returns an item, so i expected to be allowed to paste such a coblock into the item-slot of a coblock for setting a physics property.

A hint for my future self; don’t copy something with physics enabled on the original, because the copy will try to occupy the same space… although it is fun to watch if you like an exploding tower :wink:

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