Ipad app not connecting

My students and I are trying to log into the cospaces app for ipads this morning. we are able to log in but when we try to open or create a new space it is not connecting.

Is something wrong with server or are we doing something wrong?

We’ve been working on spaces for weeks now and have had no problems connecting until today.

Using my laptop i have at this moment no problem connecting to the server, editing of creating spaces.

Yeah I have no problem on my desktop either just the ipad app

Weird. The laptops/desktops and ipad’s all use the same Wifi network?
During my morning, almost 8 hours ago, i had no problems using my iPad… now on the road, will check later.

My ipad has no problem connecting now

It would be awesome if you could give us more details about your network environment. Is there any network filtering in place? Are there any policies that block requests to certain IPs, ports, domain names or URL patterns? Are WebSocket connections allowed? Do you use a proxy? Do you have the same issue using the app in the unfiltered network?

In a given network environment, are these issues reproduced always across all of your devices and you persistently cannot open any space at all? Or do you encounter these issues only from time to time on some of your iPads?

Do you experience the same issues in CoSpaces web application running in a browser on your laptop or desktop computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network?

Unfortunately, the fact that the app is not connecting is not always enough for us to identify and fix the problem. We strive to ensure that our users have reliable connectivity in all possible network environments, so if you could provide us details about yours, it would be very helpful.

It would also help if you submit a “Technical problem” report directly from one of your affected iPads through CoSpaces Edu in-app dialog. Just launch the app on the affected iPad, login as a teacher, reproduce the problem and then immediately submit a report by pressing “Help” icon in the CoSpaces toolbar and selecting “Report an issue” option in the menu.

Thank you!

Hi - thanks so much for the help! I found the report an issue button in app so I will use it from now on. Sorry I put this on the forum!

I do think it must be something to do with ipad updates, cospaces update (quiz panel) and our cipa filter (meraki). So I’m going to try to work with our network people here. I will keep you posted via the report an issue button.

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There is nothing wrong with posting this on the forums! On the contrary, it is good because it helps to understand how many other users are affected by the problem. They can also provide their experience regarding troubleshooting of such issues or even solving them with their school IT department (in case if network filtering policies are really the cause of the issue).

But the in-app “Report an issue” feature also gives us application logs and important diagnostics information that might be very useful as well. So please try it when you have time.

Hi Jane,

thanks for submitting in-app issue report! From this report I see that your network is indeed heavily filtered. I also see that you have an old version of CoSpaces Edu application installed on your iPad. Please make sure to update it to version 6.8.2 (or newer) as soon as possible! It has some important fixes that can help you.

If it still won’t work after update, please submit another in-app issue report from the updated version of CoSpaces Edu iOS app.

Thank you!

Since the laptop has no problem connecting, it may be the ipad that is problematic.
Have you tried hard restarting your ipad, so that you can shut down all the programs on your ipad and reconnect it again?
Or reset the Internet setting in the Settings menu.
Ultimately, you can restore ipad with tuneskit ios repair, because it can restore your ipad but won’t damage your personal data.