Is it possible to call a function written in a different language script?

While I am quite well-versed in TypeScript, I’m wanting to jam together a quick-‘n’-dirty thing and can’t be bothered to write the entire code using it.

My code, however, does require the use of some TypeScript because some of the functionality that I need is only available through text coding. The majority of my code will be built via CoBlocks.

I would like to be able to make a TypeScript function “public,” like the switch labelled “Available in all scripts of this scene” for CoBlocks functions.

Then, I wish to be able to call said TypeScript function from CoBlocks. Similarly, there are several CoBlocks functions that I wish to call from my TypeScript code.

Is such functionality possible? How would I accomplish this?
If not possible please take this as a feature request.

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Hi @24dlau!
Calling TypeScript from CoBlocks and vice versa is not possible.

In that case, I would like to put out a feature request for this functionality.

(Also, sorry that I forgot to put this in a category, would a team member mind fixing that up for me? Thanks!)