Is Oculus Go compatible with Cospaces?

I want to use Cospaces with my 3rd to 5th graders. I want to incorporate the VR technology but we cant use phones. Google cardboard and other headset that require a phone are not a choice. I would like to use the soon to be released Oculus Go which requires no phone. Would this be possible?


Hi, unfortunately Oculus Go is not ready with CoSpaces Edu yet but you can use other headsets combined with Mozilla Firefox browser. Thanks

thank you Ben, Please be patient with me. I’m new at all this technology. Mozilla Firefox browser is a specific browser like chrome but for gaming? This will make the htc vive and oculus rift compatible? Do you think Oculus Go will be compatible at any point?


Yes, you are correct - you should be able to use both the Vive and Rift with Mozilla. We are working on implementing Go as quickly as we can :slight_smile:

On the same topic. I know there is an cospaces Studio app for Gear VR, but there is not a similar one for cospaces Edu. It would be great as we have some Gear VRs. I also understand Oculus Go will be binary compatible with Android/GearVR and in their developer news they state you can target both platforms with the same app. So if we have GearVR Oculus apps for Edu - they might just work on Ocuus Go. I also think Oculos Go will be very popular in class rooms.

Thanks for this; we are currently working on making CoSpaces Edu much more compatible.

Could you explain this further? We have Rifts and Vives. If we are using Mozilla and go to and launch the space, we’ll be able to explore it with the Rift? That’s amazing. Any tips or tricks?

Hi Stephanie,

yes it works. You can connect the HTC Vive and launch Steam VR, then open CoSpaces in the newest version of Firefox and in “Play” mode you should see the VR button in the bottom right hand corner. Click on it and the scene will be rendered in the HTC Vive headset.

thank you for your replies! I greatly appreciate it.

Hello Ben,
Does Co Spaces have a time frame in regards to being compatible with the Oculus Go?

How do incorporate the new Oculus Go with cospaces?

+1 for Oculus Go support.
With the arrival of the Go the choice which device to use for classroom usage has become a no-brainer (imho).


+1 on Oculus Go support. And for anyone who is tempted, I built the newest Mozilla VR browser (Firefox Reality) for Oculus Go and tried visiting a CoSpaces project. It did not work.

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I just read on the CoSpaces Facebook group that the app for Oculus Go will be released in September. Can anyone confirm that?

It’s been a while since anyone has addressed Cospaces for Oculus Go in this forum. I have installed the app, but when I try to log in, the keyboard doesn’t have an underscore, so I cannot type in my email address. Is there a reason for this? Is there another way to log in?

You could try to start the app not yet in the Oculus Go environment, and then put the phone in the Gear VR headset. Not sure if it would work but perhaps worth a try. Good luck!