Is there a limit re: Multiple simultaneous device logins?

Hi all - ran into an issue yesterday as I begin using Cospaces in First Kids on Mars program where after having 4 devices logged into my account, any more attempts to log into devices (iPad or Oculus Go) would kick someone off.
My use case is needing to bring 10 devices into a class who can’t have their own accounts and have them be able to make spaces using my account. I was surprised there seemed to be the limit of 4. Any ideas Cospaces experts?

Maybe look at creating a class within your account. Create 10 generic student accounts and add these to the class. Students can use these when you’re working with them, once you’re finished working with them change the password on the student accounts. Students can still view their creations after you change the password if you share them, they just wont be able to edit them. You can change passwords on student accounts as many times as you like. You can also stop students from being able to share their own spaces if you chose to.

I use this setup when I’m demoing with a group of teachers it makes it easy for them to see pro features and get going as I can set them an assignment and they can experience what it’s like as a student - much easier when I’m short on time than waiting for them to setup their own accounts.


Hi Angela and thanks so much for taking time to respond :slight_smile: Great to get your expertise from having shared with teachers - I shall try this for sure!

Exactly what we have done. We have 16 Class VR headsets, so we created 16 logins using the name of each headset as the user. Same Generic password for each which we change each session/as needed. Pupils have one device and one VR headset both logged into the headset’s account, means they can edit on the device and quickly check their spaces in the VR.

Generic accounts definitely the way to go.

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I wanted to add one use case. We have a few Oculus Go devices to share. The issue is logging in with the Oculus Go is a pain and slow, so if I could have my teacher account logged in to all Oculus Go’s that in theory give easy access to all student projects for them to see it in VR. Is there a way to just allow multiple Oculus Go’s to share an account?