Is there any way to make a hole in the ground?

Hi everyone, I want to make a hole in the ground so I’ve put my object on a square and lifted up as a false ground, then use a mask circle to make the hole but can’t see through it.

Is there any way to do that ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @tajajtsidi,

Masking is only available on 3D objects, not 2D (Square, Circle, Text). A workaround is to use a cylinder with a minimal height, use that to provide the mask.

Does that answer your question? It’s hard to tell what you’re wanting to do without seeing it.


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Thank you @techleapnz , I’ve tried to use a cylinder but it doesn’t work so I’ve created a hole object in tinkerCAD then lift the ground as you see in this picture.



@techleapnz do you have an idea about to use physics with coblocks to make an object walk to the hole and fell in it ?

@techleapnz Could you please tell me how do you see this code

Thanks in advance.

Here’s what I would do:


Ahh, ok, this give me a better sense of what you’re wanting to do. I think the solution you’ve got here is great! It’s really interesting that the hole works for CoSpaces, as this means it’s something the dev team could add as a feature. I’m going to go play with this now!


That’s awesome. Thank you so much.

Would you be able to allow remixing to examine the code? Thank you!

@tajajtsidi I had a go in TinkerCAD, creating an object with a hole in the middle, but couldn’t achieve the effect you’ve got here - any tricks to it? I exported as OBJ+MTL.

I can do it with the basic building blocks (ie, tube) in CoSpaces though.

Hi @STEAMTeacher, it’s already remixable :blush: If it’s not showing for you, it’s because remixing is only available on PRO accounts.