Is there anyway I can download cospaces with shared link?

I am a college instructor, and in my class, my students completed a project creating AR using CoSpaces. The outcomes of their projects were checked by using a shared link. I am wondering if there is any way I can download their outcomes and save them in my CoSpaces folder. Some of them are really good, and I would like to show them to my other classes. (All of us are Pro users, btw).

Hi @JE_Kim, you can ask your students to check the “allow others to get a copy of this cospace” checkbox in the sharing details (found under the share button) in their cospace. This allows you to click on the “remix” button (the little plus icon) when you open up the shared link.

This will give you a copy of their cospace (Note: this will not update when they update their cospace, nor change their cospace if you change anything in yours for it is a standalone copy).
Hope to have helped!

HI @JE_Kim if they are registered as your students you can copy them directly from their profile.

Hope it helps!