Issue with sharing Projects?

Hi, is there actually an issue with sharing projects?
Thanks and regards,

Hello, I’m having difficulties as well to share and viewing projects. The qr codes, the letter codes and the web url seem to be broken. I already changed the codes and nothing seems to work. Help!

Hi, could you please let us know the following:

  • For which particular spaces you are encountering this issue? Sharing links to the affected spaces helps us out a lot with troubleshooting!
  • Which devices or platforms are you using (e.g. are you trying to open the spaces on the web browser, or on a mobile phone)?

Hi Stefan,

  • i had problems with my own Space but also with one from the Gallery (scanning from webbrowser chrome/win10). For example EAY-YKB
  • Tried it both with an iPhone and an iPad (both with ios 14.4.2 )
  • Now i can´t see any Gallery project on the Phone/Tabet…

It seems to be fixed.