Issue with VR Headset Settings in Android Mobile App

I was using the CoSpaces Android mobile app using the default VR headset setting. Then I saw in VR settings the option to select a specific headset model. I have a Google Cardboard, but accidentally clicked on the Google Daydream. The app will not allow me to select another headset, as the notification to install or setup Google Daydream continually pops up. The notification still comes up after force quitting the app, and as well after uninstalling/reinstalling the app.

Is this a bug or am I missing something in settings? The Android app is no longer functional in VR mode as I can’t seem to get around this VR headset notification and change the headset to either Cardboard or back to the default setting.

Unfortunately, the Daydream VR setting cannot be set to Cardboard from the CoSpaces application.
You can install “Daydream” application to change the VR settings back and it will affect CoSpaces.