Item change to different object when clicked first, second, and third time

Hi, i have a question.
So I have this 4 states of house.

I want to show it progressively, so for example
the first time we open the scene it’ll show the first one on the left,
when they click the red button for the first time, it’ll change to the second one,
click the red button for the second time, change to the third one and so on

is it possible with coblocks? i’ve tried it with variables but still no luck :frowning:

Thank you! really appreciate your help

Hi @IN360_Career,

Yes, this is possible, but it depends on how you want to show it. You could:

  1. Put each house state in a separate scene, and use the “switch to scene” CoBlock to change scenes
  2. Move the camera along to the next state every time you press the red button
  3. Hide the different states, then progressively show them as needed

Share your scene and make it remixable if you want further suggestions.

Many thanks,

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Place them all in the same transform. Change the visibility from false to true depending on a variable state.
Here’s an example in CoBlocks using 2 objects.

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It works! thank you very much for your help!! :partying_face: :partying_face:

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gonna try this too! thank you very much!