It's about license plans

I bought 50 accounts(for example, number 1 account) as a teacher. There is room in my account. I’m using 36 out of 50 now. If I create an another account(for example, number 2 account) separately and enter an activation key that I purchased 50 accounts.
If then, So, Am I upgrading this account(number 2 account) to Pro? Or Am I going to move all of my existing accounts?

The new account will become another teacher in your first account, taking up one license place.
PLUS any students the second account already has will also be added to your account, taking up a license place each.

At least that’s what happened when I did it just yesterday :slight_smile:

And then How can I delete new account.(number 2)???

That I have not figured out yet either :frowning: There does not seem to be a Delete option for teachers you share the license key with. I will be contacting support about it shortly.