Keep Camera Stationary for certain amount of time

We want to force a player to read the directions for 20 seconds, and NOT allow the camera to move. Then, we want to be able to move after the 20 seconds. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @Kelly_Nickell,

In scripting there is the fixed camera mode you can enable, which will restrain the camera’s rotation. In CoBlocks, you can also create a forever loop which turns a camera to a direction for some time.

Check out the CoBlocks example below to learn how to fix the camera to a specific target over time :slight_smile:

Please note that locking the camera orientation is an uncomfortable experience in VR and not recommended when you want your space to be viewed in VR. If you don’t want to freeze rotation, you can set the “true” value of the function-block to “false”.

Thanks to your feedback below, the space was updated to also include switch to camera - blocks

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You could duplicate the scene, change the camera to fixed, and then code to automatically change to the “real” scene after a period of time or after they click something.


Good idea!

To add to this, another creative solution was tinkered by @Minh_Le in combination with the switch camera - block in another thread

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