Keyboard Shortcuts

Does anyone have a full list of keyboard shortcuts and commands that can be used in CoSpaces? We’ve stumbled upon some (c, s, r, shift click/drag) but wondering if there are any other goodies out there?

Hi Kevin,

There are numerous shortcuts in CoSpaces Edu, they are listed below:

Alt + Left click - Duplicate and Move

C - Reset view

G - Group selected items

U - Ungroup selected items

Ctrl/CMD + A - Select All

Space + drag - Move camera target

Space + scroll - Zoom camera to mouse

S - grid snapping & rotation steps on/off

V - Fit camera to current selection

Ctrl + C - Blockly: copy selected block

Ctrl + V - Blockly: paste block copied with Ctrl + C

Ctrl + A + C - Blockly: copy all blocks from current workspace

Ctrl + A + V - Blockly: paste blocks copied with Ctrl + A + C

Ctrl + Shift + C - Blockly: copy selected block and all subsequent blocks

R - 3D rotation mode on/off


Hi there,

You can find a list of our keyboard shortcuts here, if you scroll down to about two thirds of the page.

Hope this helps!

Here’s some more:

F - toggle between camera view (with ability to use arrow keys) and standard view

When object selected
T - toggle Transform tool

H - opens the Object List in the Editor