Keyboard Shortcuts

Does anyone have a full list of keyboard shortcuts and commands that can be used in CoSpaces? We’ve stumbled upon some (c, s, r, shift click/drag) but wondering if there are any other goodies out there?

Hi Kevin,

There are numerous shortcuts in CoSpaces Edu, they are listed below:

Alt + Left click - Duplicate and Move

C - Reset view

G - Group selected items

U - Ungroup selected items

Ctrl/CMD + A - Select All

Space + drag - Move camera target

Space + scroll - Zoom camera to mouse

S - grid snapping & rotation steps on/off

V - Fit camera to current selection

Ctrl + C - Blockly: copy selected block

Ctrl + V - Blockly: paste block copied with Ctrl + C

Ctrl + A + C - Blockly: copy all blocks from current workspace

Ctrl + A + V - Blockly: paste blocks copied with Ctrl + A + C

Ctrl + Shift + C - Blockly: copy selected block and all subsequent blocks

R - 3D rotation mode on/off


Hi there,

You can find a list of our keyboard shortcuts here, if you scroll down to about two thirds of the page.

Hope this helps!

Here’s some more:

F - toggle between camera view (with ability to use arrow keys) and standard view

When object selected
T - toggle Transform tool

H - opens the Object List in the Editor

I am not finding them. I am battling to scroll down and up with scenes and uploaded images. Can you help me with a keyboard shortcut for that?

Hi @Linamandla_Elakhe,

Viktoria’s post is from 3 years ago, and so the website has changed since then. There are many shortcuts listed in this thread, and you can download the current Keyboard Shortcuts PDF and other resources in the Resources > Getting Started page of the website.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions about this.

Geoff @ TechLeap