Landscape View in AR Mode - Scene Navigation

I am noticing that certain scenes are set to stay in vertical orientation after the scene rotates. The navigation for next scene moves to the right as opposed to moving to the bottom of the screen. Is there a way to set that to rotate depending on orientation or to lock it in Landscape?

If I understood your point, you want to fix the camera so prevent it from moving to right, left, up end bottom. Here you may need these events:(they apply to all cameras in your scene)

Notice: the camera can also be rotated with the mouse. I think there is no Coblock to stop this. Maybe by using script ?

Thanks for the reply. I am talking about the navigation icons on the bottom of the screen in AR. They have arrows pointing left and right, with numbers for scenes. By camera, I am referring to the phone/device they are using for the experience. In AR mode with Merge cube there is no camera inside of the scene editor. Hope that clarifies.

Hi Kevin,

if you need custom behaviour for scene switching buttons, you could hide the existing buttons using “set scene navigation false” CoBlock and then add your own buttons where you need them.