Language for making career

Hi this is Palak Sharma, I have completed my college, I want to build my career in computer programming field, can anyone suggest me which language to choose. I am very confused on this.

Hi Palak, can you explain a bit better what you want to know? Is it about computer language in CoSpaces or do you want to have an answer about a career in computer science? In CoSpaces I would suggest to tryout different possibilities and see what makes the differences.

Hi Palak,
Well there are lots of programming languages where you can build you career.
I visited a article over internet where programming languages is listed popularity wise you can also check that article by clicking here.
Hope this answer will help you.

Hi @palak231 for my experience the important thing is to achieve as best you can logic and computational skills… maybe the language you learn now will be not so popular when you will be an engineer, so be resilient and don’t worry about it because you will easily learn many other programming languages in you life.
Good luck, Giuseppe

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