Laws of physics violated?

I created a space that broadly models a carnival plink game.
Why do some of the balls get out of the container?

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Hi @MrWolken,

CoSpaces Edu uses a simplified collision detection system (so that performance is optimized). With a lot of items, this can lead to collision not being detected when small volumes collide against each other.

In your example space are a lot of small spheres colliding against small collision objects. Here are some approaches to fix this issue:

a) Scale up all items

Select all items and scale them up. This gives our physics engine more space to calculate collisions properly :slight_smile:

b) Slow down physics time

You can slow down how fast the physics system should run (great potential for slo-mo examples!) via the set physics speed CoBlock (a value of 0.5 would mean physics runs half as fast)

c) Use less physics items

The more physics-items are in the scene, the more likely it is that some frames for physics calculations are skipped. Reducing the amount of balls would help keeping it optimized :wink:

Hope this helps! Below you can find a remixable space that makes use of all three suggestions.

I’ll use a combination of all these ideas.
It’s really a beautiful to see this set in motion. I think I’ll create a version where the user can control variables like bounciness, friction, gravity, scale etc.

Thank you!

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