Learning in 360° workshop & BOYD - ISTE Conference - highlighting CoSpaces

I’m looking for some examples I can showcase in my two presentations at the June ISTE Conference in Chicago. I’m leading a 1/2 day workshop on June 23rd, “Create and Learn in 360°” where one segment will introduce how 360° images can be used within CoSpaces projects. I’ll also show how to download 360° images from Google Street Views for use in CoSpaces and other programs. In addition to the workshop, I’m leadinga 60 minute BYOD session on June 26th, covering the same stuff - but in less depth.

I’m looking for anyone who can share links to student created examples where a 360° images has been used as the Environment - projects where the 360° image is essential to the context of the story/program. Please share to this forum and if you can - email me directly amann@muskegonisd.org

I look forward to introducing CoSpaces EDU to many new educators at the ISTE Conference.

Isn’t downloading from Google Street Views Illegal?