Link in CoSpaces to another Website

is it possible to set a link to another website while playing the game.

Hi Sinah,

I don’t believe this is currently possible via Blockly or TypeScript - it doesn’t provide access to browser APIs which would normally allow this via Javascript (i.e. window.location ).

Happy to be proved wrong by the CoSpaces team.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi @Sinahpe!

as @techleapnz mentioned, we currently do not support linking to other websites. Do you have an example in mind where you want to make use of website linking?

Another thing to consider is that while linking elements in a Space to another website makes sense on a 2D screen, it doesn’t make sense if navigating in VR unless that website is also available in VR and the transition is seamless.

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My students use cospaces primarily on their computers not in VR. For example they might want to be able to click on an object to take them to a wix website they have built or to a google slides presentation they have made. It would be a very good setup function if it’s possible. I can think even for me doing my masters right now i could create a space that one could walk around in and have links that go out to my academic papers for the profs to look at. There are so many grea options without the use of VR.


Stefan, I was wondering the same thing for guided reading exercises.

Here is the example and I’ll try to clarify with some detail:
I was hoping to initially open the link Article with a QR code, and the student can get to an article. Then when they reach a certain section I want a comment to appear, for the student to use critical thinking… at the bottom of the page they could exit or go onto the next reading. I want to have students gain access to articles in a creative way so it piques their interest in a new way. Would it be a web design thing the article owner at would need to program for use with the VR? Is that why links are not supported at this time? I think it would be a cool idea

I’d like to embed google street view 360 images to do a tour of Florida. Students working on projects could create a new scene for each area of the state by using the street view image. Example Kennedy Space Center.
Right now you can only embed or link to street view. To download 360 images in Google Maps you need to use something like this found on e4

I’ve had other projects that I’ve thought it would be nice to have an imbed or link feature. Thank you!