Link to a Website

Goodmoring I’m trying to link an object to a website. Is it possible to do? Which coblock function do I need to use?
Thank you very much


There is not a function/block to link to another website or bring in web navigation. The only work around would be to pull up a screenshot of the website when clicked or have the object speak a short url for the site so the student could pull up another tab.


I needed to do this for my students when using the MergeCube in AR in a breakout and we used an image with the QR code that linked them to the following activity. We only needed two devices per group, but changing the types of activities was great! =)

We are working in the cospaces, 360 image and under my login I see coblocks for linking to a website, but the students don’t see those blocks when they are working. How can students at weblinks into their cospaces?

I think you are looking for this :

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