Logging in with Microsoft account - problem

The users for my class account can not currently stayed logged in when using their Microsoft account. In June they could. Now it logs in for less than a second then drops out.

Does anyone else have this problem? or found a solution???

@Stefan, @Tamara.Koehler, could you check this please?

Hi @PACPrep21,

Could you please explain what you mean with “drops out” in this case? Is your student forcibly disconnected and logged out of the CoSpaces Edu account after they logged in with the Microsoft sign-in?

Edit: If you are using a mobile device there’s also the possibility that you are using an outdated version of CoSpaces Edu. Please check if an update is available in this case

Your description of drops out is spot on, it is exactly what is happening

we are using Ipads, is it likely this outdated version would be a problem for them?

This could be the case. Could you please verify if you are able to…

  • View the CoSpace gallery and play those CoSpaces when the app is launched (even when not logged in)
  • Download the latest version on the AppStore (it would show if an update is available. If there’s no such prompt then you’re using the latest version)