Making Games in CoSpaces

I am teaching my 6/7 grade class CoSpaces. Any examples of games that have been created in coSpaces you’d recommend? I want them to create a game.

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Hi @Kelly_Nickell,

here’s a brief overview of a few selected games made with CoSpaces. You can remix them to see how they were made, so you can get a good understanding of the coding / creation challenges required to make them work :slight_smile:

We notice that a lot of popular games are parkour games in which you have to navigate over moving platforms and narrow paths in 3D/VR. The VR Adventure Game listed below is a good example!

Show list of games

Thanks so much Stefan! This has helped. also, my students are using CoBlocks. How do we make a variable (points, lives, time, etc) using CoBlocks? I can’t find a tutorial on YouTube, maybe because it is a newer feature.

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Hey Kelly_Nickell!

Stefan wrote a great tutorial about variables.
You can find it in the tutorials section in the forum: Working with variables!

Hope it will answer your questions!

try these maybe help @Kelly_Nickell

cant find out how to make games
help me plz

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