Making Objects Solid for a character to walk on

My students are making a game with a GUI that controls a human through an obstacle course. I can’t work out how to make an object, like a block, solid so that the human can jump up onto the block. The human always sinks into the block. I want the human to be able to jump up stairs.

“Collision” seems to on by default for most objects in CoSpaces, so it’s pretty neat that you’re able to fall through them. Can you share the space you’re having difficulty with?

So it looks like the problem is that unless you have physics on, objects will pass through each other. If physics is on for am object, we can’t programme it to move. Physics has to be on for both objects to become ‘solid’ as in they stop other objects passing through. Is there anyway way to cater for controlling a human via a GUI and enabling it to walk along a log or plank?

Ah, sorry, now I understand - I thought you were talking about the camera.

It’s a tricky one - the character will just fall over if you apply physics to it. What we want is the equivalent of the camera (which has collision turned on by default, but not physics as such), applied to another object.

Pre-physics, I’m pretty sure this all worked fine - a collision was a collision. Now I’ve tried all sorts of tricks to get a read off a static-collision-physics-object to static-collision-physics-object collision, with no joy.

I’ll throw my hands up now, and leave it to the CoSpaces devs to articulate a solution :slight_smile:

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If there is an animation running it places the human above the log. It passes but is not what we are after.

Thanks for your help.

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