Marker-based AR with real images

I found some old threads about this topic that I don’t want to revive, but I hope there is some new information on this.

Is it possible to use AR with real images, rather than the MergeCube or QR codes? It would be great to create AR based on the cover of a book for example.



I agree. I’ve created the animation in CoSpaces, saved it as a video using screen capture on my desktop computer, then used that video in an AR book. If you create the video on a merge cube background, make the merge cube transparent so when it plays on your desktop the background is purple. Then use Artivive, an AR app. It allows you to drop out the background, similar to a green screen and layer multiple videos. You can also use Eyejack.

Great, thanks for the tips.

I actually found Eyejack yesterday, but Artivive seems to be more versatile, at least for the free version. I’ll look into the mergecube video scenario as well.