Marketplace Characters?

Hello – A while back, when I was exploring cospaces edu, I seemed to remember that all marketplace objects were available with an edu subscription. I recently did get a cospaces edu annual pro license, but she I look at the marketplace and the things available in cospaces edu – the marketplace has tons more ready made scenes, characters and objects. Are these not accessible to cospaces edu subscribers?
I also have a free cospaces maker account – is it not possible to combine the two? I don’t see any differences between the cospaces maker and cospaces edu.

Thanks for the help!!!

Yes please. I would also like to know if there is a possibilty to animate 3D-Objects (not 3D-Low-Poly-Objects).


If you have a pro subscription to Cospaces Edu, you have all objects available. Many of them can be animated. You find them in the “More objects” category. And there is a special category for the characters, that have a big set of animations.
The objects in the “3D objects” category don’t contain animations.
I hope this is helpful, let us know if you need something! :slight_smile:

I would like to know about this marketplace character. Thank you!

Hey @makcraig!

The marketplace does not exist anymore. Now you can find all objects in the CoSpaces Edu library.

I hope this helps!