Merge Cube Add On Extreme Lag for a class of 24

I am new to the Merge Cube Add on. I recently purchased 100 seats for co-spaces. I set the class for each student to have their own cube to make an end of year project of an AR museum. However, it starts to lag as soon as the students get into their cubes. Our IT Dept checked the wifi connection and it is optimal according to them. I have cut down the lesson to only 12 students but it’s the same lagging issue. Some chromebooks will show a red bar saying connection issue. I am stuck and feel like I might have to abandon the project. I have 100 kids to deal with and the project has to be done in less than 2 weeks before summer.

Help! What can I do?

Hi @bps_tech01,

could you please try to use CoSpaces on only one device at a time? Is it still lagging?

When you have the a red bar saying connection issue on chromebook, could you also open the console and copy the error message from it?