Merge Cube Play with Red or Blue Background Color


When I play Merge Cube Cospace on my smartphone, the background appears blue.

On Android phones, the background is blue, and on iPhones, the background is red.

The same thing is happening not only on me, but on all my students’ smartphones.

What could be causing this and how can I fix it?


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This is my work. Thanks for watching!
I believe it is a display programming problem for IPhone. I don’t have the skills to help you. I’m sorry.

Hi @11118 when you create an augmented reality for the Merge Cube the intention should be to explore your reality with the AR mode using the Merge Cube. In this case there’s no colored background anymore but only reality. Do you use Merge Cube? Did you know that you can also make a paper Merge Cube? See how you can make a paper Merge Cube
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Thank you Astrid.
Ciao Astrid!!! Grazie per la risposta.

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Oh, thanks for your reply.

But you completely misunderstood my question.

That screenshot is the screen that recognized the paper Merge Cube with the smartphone camera.

I am a teacher who has been teaching Cospaces to more than 1,000 students for more than 4 years.

This background color is new within the last month.

And it hasn’t been reported on this forum yet.

I reported this sooner than anyone else, and I’m asking for a fix.

I want you to test it with your smartphone too.




Recorded Video:

I have investigated this issue further.

Here is a file I recorded as a video.

At first, the MergeCube project is opened normally.

When I open the second Mergecube project, the background color changes to blue.

After this bug, the background color is still blue even when I open a Cospace that worked properly before.

This problem disappears when I force close the app and reappears when I run a specific Cospace.

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oh! I finally found the suspect.

The culprit is Earth.

If there is an earth object in the Merge Cube Cospace, the background color of AR mode will change to blue.

And the background color stays blue until the app is closed.

oh! I caught the culprit! Hurray!


Fantastic!!! Good job!!!

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Yeah I used “Earth Object” too and my background turns red!!
@Cospaces Please fix it!


This is my Cospaces with “Earth object”


Hi @11118,

Thank you for the reported issue. It will be fixed in the next release


Yesterday was the first time the school management team got to see Merge as I showcased it. The red background really detracted from the scene, it was a real shame.

When will the next release be rolled out?

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