Merge Cube variables bug

Hi everyone,

I´ve detected a bug in Merge Cube mode working while I was working with variables.

Attending to this blocks, when I play the game, anything shouldn´t be seen, but it get me back this:


Anyone has had the same problem?

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@DaniYubero I dont think you can set the opacity of a list like this, since the list itself is not an item, if your adding the children as items to the list you can run through the list using a loop; Setting the opacity for each index of the children list.
Else you could also add them to a group and set the groups opacity; However if you would like the individually set the opacity of the children in the list this wont work, since the group’s opacity overrules the opacity settings of anything thats in it.


Thank you @Luc! :slight_smile: I set it individually, but that made the code so long, I’ll do as you said.