Merge CUbe with ClassVR headsets

I have a set of ClassVR viewers. They have a camera and interactive touch buttons, but when I click play on a mergecube space, it does not automatically access the camera. It just shows me the virtual cube. Is it possible to view the merge cube on the ClassVR headsets?


Did you get an answer? I need to apply for a grant and get supplies and do not know where to begin.

OK, official answer seems to be that Class VR is ONLY for 360 environments. Currently, AR view with MERGE cubes isn’t supported on Class VR (contrary to what we were told before we purchased a whole bunch…)

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You’re right, CoSpaces can be explored in AR using the latest smartphones or tablets with AR Core (Android phones) or AR Kit (i-Phones) and the CoSpaces Edu mobile app. Here you can check all AR supported iOS devices and AR supported Android devices.

Class VR headsets are great to explore 3D or 360° CoSpaces.

If you need anything else, we’re happy to help!"

ClassVR hasn’t been all that great at viewing the 360 environments on CoPaces…FYI. (unless I am doing something wrong)