Middle School Teacher New to CoSpaces in Need of Help


Thanks you!! I appreciate your help!


OK, here is another “challenge” my students have come across. (We are exploring “physics” in the inspector and in the Blockly code blocks.) How would we code an object (maybe a ball, rabbit, etc.) to bounce forward a certain number of times and then stop? Right now their objects are either bouncing in place or bouncing haphazardly all over the scene. :slight_smile:
Continually learning, Thanks!


Hello JoAnn,
I too had many problems with the physics blocks but have now acustomed myself to their “weirdness”. I made a quick exmple to demonstrate how I spawned a stone to make it bounce in place and another where the stone is moved to the side. To look at the code join this class :XJ7KN.
And to look at the space refer to this link:

If you have any question feel free to ask :slight_smile:


I hope it’s ok but I joined the “class” too so I can see the code. Thank you for posting it!


Hi JoAnn,
I am also new to blockly. I know some scratch. I’ve been going through the gallery of projects and copying some to my space and then looking at the code. It’s a great way to learn it.
Mary Beth


Hi Mary,
Of course, after all the point is just to learn :slight_smile: