Moderate students in shared world?

Hi there,
I am a Grade 6 -10 Design teacher.

I am planning a unit now and was wondering how I can moderate students in the shared world.
Being in the same virtual space is awesome however I had a bad experience using Scratch, where students used that to delete others students work etc and I’d like some tips about working collectively in a shared space.

Look into class management in the documentation & youtube channel.
As a teacher of the students in your class you can access and copy their assignments (that you setup before), and hence also show or share them.

As far as i know a space can either be publicly shared or not. Just as with Scratch projects. If students delete other students work, they ought to be more careful with their passwords… Unless you are letting them use the same account, which i very much advise against. Unlike scratch there are no other roles (like curator for a collection for instance) besides teacher and student.

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