More 3D objects?

Are you planning on adding more 3D objects? CoSpaces already has a great library, but of course, more would be better :slight_smile: My students want to know.

Hi @pross67,

of course! Let us know what items you’re most interested in and we’ll keep them in mind! If you want more 3D objects in your scene, you could also try google poly. Simply drag downloaded .obj and .mtl files into your space and watch the 3D items appear.

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More 3D objects would be terrific! I’m trying to set up some interactive training for parents of children I work with. in order to do this, I need young children (with various animations) to be in the space! Also, toys and objects that might relate to younger children. Don’t know when you plan an update to the library, but this would be awesome!! Cospaces is so phenemonal not just for kids in education, but to develop simple adult learning activities.

Hi @smartears!

our youngest character models are the “Girl” and “Boy” - characters you can find in the “Characters” category of the 3D library (see example below)

Our art team is always open to more ideas! Feel free to write up a list of items and/or characters you’d like to see made for CoSpaces. The more detailed the list is about specific objects or characters, the better :slight_smile:

Here’s an example list to give you a better understanding of how specific you can be about your item requests:


  • Geometry / stacking block
  • Bear plushie
  • etc.

A bowling ball and a soccer ball would be great :wink: