More Car Physics

How do I make the camera follow the car when the car is under physics

I also have another question…How do you make the camera follow the car when it is moving? Adding physics to the camera isn’t working either

Have you tried attaching the camera to the car?

yea, I have. Still didn’t work.

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You can attach the camera to the top of the car then move the so it is in the view you wish.
eg: In this space, my camera is attached to the car, but is moved so it looks like you are inside the car.

That can work, however, is there a way to place the camera behind the car?

Hey @Julian_Wu,

Yes, you can attach the camera to one of the slots of the car and then move the camera to a position that you like. Please see the attached GIF:

I hope that helps!

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works, however, can you add points onto paths?

Hi @Julian_Wu,

yes, you can. You can have a look at this video tutorial to learn the ways to do it.