Move a group on a the same path

Hi, I am working on a story of a group of cats, so I need to move these cats to the same direction. Is it possible to move them on the same path as a group or a herd ? that is, all these cats walk together forward.

Thank you.

Hi @tajajtsidi,

yes, they can walk as a group. In order to do this, group the cats, enable Use in CoBlocks for the group and select this groups as the first parameter in “Move on path” CoBlock.

Thank you.
I tried it, but it still dosen’t work for all cats. I don’t understand why ?
You may see it here

Thanks in advance.

They should walk together. It is a bug and thank you for helping us to find it, we will fix it.
When BlackCat2 and BlackCat3 move on their paths, they are kicked from the group.
To fix this, I replaced the group with the parent object and added this cats to the object back.
So the whole group walks together!

Feel free to remix the CoSpace and explore the solution!

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Thank you so much.

I added the same lines on my original work, but I could not select the cats group on add child block. Therefore, I checked the cats group properties and found use in coblocks activated, So I wonder where the prob is.

I hope you have a solution or I will rebuild my work based on the remixed one.

Yes, it is a bug that the group object cannot be added in “Add child” CoBlock. It will be fixed in upcoming updates and for now I created a hidden object and added all cats to it.
As a benefit, you can control the orientation of that object and how they will move on path. You can copy the cats object from my sample and it should work.