Move camera back and forwars with left and right click?

Hello. im trying to make a game for Young kidz for VR. I need to know how to code so that when i klick leftbutton on mouse the camera move forward an when i klick right button on mouse the camera move backward.

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Hi @Filmstugan,

The camera modes for VR can only move forward on mobile phone VR right now. This is because there is no way to detect a “right click” in VR.

Other VR platforms such as the Google Daydream, Oculus Go and GearVR allow movement to all directions.

Can you elaborate more on your concept? Perhaps moving backward is not always needed :slight_smile:

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Hi. thanks for your reply. I have found a way to go around the problem. I have connected a computer mouse via USB to the phone. in this way I can “click” with the left mouse button. would be greate if we could coda in the future so that we could use a computer mouse in VR in this way. since there are already codeblocks for keypad. so a future suggestion of codeblock would be "when right mouse button is pressed … move camera 1meter for one second.

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