Moving a project

I need to move a project from one pro account to another pro account is this possible?
Thank you

Hey @giorgio,

Sure, just share your project with one account and remix it with another!

I hope that helps!


Thanks, i try in this way

Hi I am trying to share something with class mate and I am not a pro nor does my teacher know the class code.

Hi @Charles_Pahys ,

If you are in a class, the share function need to open by your teacher.

thx and merry christmas

sorry to bother you again but how do you unlock everything

Hi @Charles_Pahys ,

What do you mean unlock everything? The projects?

Select all the objects CMD +SHIFT and click CTRL click your mouse left cmd to unlock everything. If your project has more scenes you should do this in every scene.
I hope this helps.

thank you very much i appreceate it

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Do you have to have pro to unlock everything and if so how do you get pro

hi @Charles_Pahys , you can try CoSpaces for 30 days. Go to Licence plan → Upgrade to pro → Activate Trial and entering the promo code: COSGIUSEPPESC so you will have the program unlocked in all its features, including the Merge Cube addon. Of course, you can later think of one of the license purchase options.
Hope this helps, and if you think this solves your doubts click on Solved to your first post.

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I share my projects in the same way! :slight_smile:
I can save my student’s projects.