Moving characters between spaces


I have been asking my students to get creative and create different 3D objects and characters in CoSpaces directly. After working quite some time on them they had really nice creations, but the issue is that they would like to move them around and create more spaces using the same unique character, but I could not find out a way to download a character and then upload it in a different space or simply move it.

Is there a way of doing that?
If there is not a way yet, do you plan on working on that?

Thank you!

Hi @Robert_Brez,

just select the object you want to move and press “ctrl+c”. Then open the new space and press “ctrl+v”.



Thank you! I thought it was going to be something similar to other kids programming softwares like Scratch and AppInventor where they have a backpack where you can put things you want to move between projects or download them! I am actually a bit embarrassed that I did not try the what you said! Thank you!

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