Moving imgs accross the scene - make like it pops up?

Since there is no “load image” (like in video) without text (such as the panel code), is it possible to “move” a preloaded image (hidden in another structure and out of sigh) to move to a designated location on 1st click, and the back to hidden spot on new click of the same trigger object? That would emulate the “pop up” effect of a Scene object? If so, what would the code look like?

Update: managed to get a model from it: using the hansel/gretel story code extract used with the birds on scene 2 - start with objects hidden/moved and then get them in front of the camera with a predetermined time span; then they get re positioned; Emulates the “pop up” effect I was looking fr. Just some minor glitches to fix but already works.
If anyone has a different solution, I’d love to know it.