Moving in third person perspective (in VR mode) & other problems


I wanted to program a little city in VR mode where one student has to give the other directions (there is a VR project going on and I thought "hey, why not use CoSpaces to get something done). However, I encountered the following problems:

  1. Moving as a character in third person view
    I can’t get the camera moving (read: walking - flying doesn’t work either), no matter what. The code should be ok…but all I can do is turn the camera around and that’s it.

  2. Zooming in and out
    Controls and shortcuts which work in others mode like zooming in and out or pressing “c” to get a project view…simply do nothing at all

If anyone has experience and advice on this matter, I would be really grateful for some help because it seems I hit the wall…or maybe not…after all I can’t move wink, wink, wink :wink:

Hi Asmodean,

Is your CoSpace a 3D environment or a 360-degree space? If it’s the latter, this would explain your dilemma, as 360 spaces are designed only for rotational movement from the viewer.

Which browser and OS are you using?

Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi Geoff,

thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

it was indeed a 360-degree space environment. So that explains that. Hmmm…that’s quite unfortunate. This rules out basically every 3rd person movement if you design stuff :frowning:

By the way, I use an Oculus Quest and I am able to start CoSpaces with Firefox AR. Is it possible to use the Oculus Quest also in the regular 3d environment? I haven’t tested it yet.

Yes, you can view & navigate CoSpaces which use the normal 3D environment in Quest.

With your 3rd-person-movement, are you trying to control a separate character? You can do this by via code. A 3D environment is best for city design.

PS: Don’t remix it just yet, I’m messing with the character rotation and found what I think is a bug.

Geez…I am very sorry. I meant “FIRST person perspective” :dizzy_face:

When I wrote that I was definitely not myself.

However, I wanted to test the 3rd person perspective as well, so I’d have asked that for sure too :slight_smile: I will wait with the remix. Thanks for the warning

Actually, just found that you can easily control a character’s movement by placing as a child of the Camera in the Object List, no attaching needed - see ; however, only if you use the mouse for looking around, the character moves with it.

Nice! I have to try this. Thanks again