Moving while you are wearing virtual reality headset

Hi, I don’t know how to move while my phone is on the virtual reality headset, I’m just able to look in 360º withaut moving from my place. I tried with the remote control but it doesn’t work. My phone is iPhone 8.

Hi Raúl,

you need to touch the screen or press the button on your headset (but I guess your headset doesn’t have one) in order to walk. Also make sure that the camera is in “walk” mode. If you uploaded a 360° background image then the camera is placed in the middle of the scene and set to “fixed” by default.

I think it would be an awesome addition if one could ‘walk’ while wearing a headset by using a game controller. (I thought it might be also cool to use the accelerometer and compass, but I suppose we would end up with people running into walls :fearful:

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Maybe MFI controller compatibility will come along in the future. That would be an awesome feature!

I’ve found a hack where if you put a small piece of plastic in the lower left corner of your phone between the phone and headset, this will push the forward arrow allowing your to fly whatever direction you are facing. My headset has a headphone cord that runs to to the earphones of the headset. If I just slide the plastic wire between the phone and headset (counter-intuitive, I found this by mistake), this did the trick for me :slight_smile: