Multiplayer in CoSpaces

Hello. Is the cospaces team working to add the multiplayer in the game zone? I asked because at the moment you can only build and code with other people, but you can’t play with them. I think it could be a good chance for players.


Hi @Stefan I’m sure you will have the right answer for @Alessio_Bonini
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Thanks for the ping @astrid_hulsebosch!

Hi @Alessio_Bonini,

Creating multiplayer experiences is not possible right now. While students can create collaboratively via group assignments, playing a single CoSpace together is something we’ve been taking a look at and decided not to pursue at this time. If anything in this direction is changing I’ll make sure to let you know!


Okay, thanks anyway.

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Hi @Alessio_Bonini, this is a common feature request - if you search the forum, you’ll see the earliest is from 3 years ago: Feature Request: Multiplayer!

Feel free to like and comment on these posts - it hopefully keeps it bubbling to the surface.

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I happen to agree with CoSpaces on this thinking. Instead of multi-player, it’s multi-creator, arguably a more important skill for kids as well as adults.