Multiplayer in Spaces

Hi, I know that there is no mulitplayer, but are there devs working on it? Is there a date we can expect the mulitplayer feature?

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Just @CoSpaces_Edu can answer your question :slight_smile:

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Hi @Cube_Gamer,

I have already posted a feature request for this, feel free to check it out for any additional info!
FEATURE REQUEST- Cloud variables


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Hi there!

Could you please tell us more about the type of multiplayer feature you have in mind?

We don’t have anything new planned around this at the moment but would be happy to learn about what you’d find useful and how you’d be using it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


my idea for the multiplayer is that you can play with other players a CoSpace, probably using networking variables (so var that communicate constanctly to the server) that coupd be the position and the rotation of an object with Network On (option that the developer could select) without passing by the physics (with only position and rotation shared the game will be smoother than sharing all the physics components to another object in the other player scene. Also in base of frames the resault in physics could be different).
Of course this type of multiplayer needs a lot of work in the backend of the CoSpaces’ server. Another type simpler is to sharing only some int/float variables or boolean variables to make something simpler as a global leadearboard of a game (only use var score in this exemple). Those variables don’t need to be shared each frame but can be shared every minute or hour for exemple.

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@CoSpaces_Edu @CoSpaces

@Alessio_Bonini Thanks for the good explanation!
Nice to read these ideas and we’ll look into them :slight_smile:

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Hi, as Alessio_Bonini already said, my idea is that multiple players can play the same world together at the same time. My teacher for example had the Idea to create a memory for the lessons where the pupils test there knowledge of a topic and create a competition between the pupils. But that only works good in multiplayer, where many players are in the same world.



I’ve posted most of the info on the original feature request post mentioned above, but I’ll simplify basically all about my feature request here;

My idea is, is that there are variables (In another popular coding platform named scratch, “Cloud Variables”) that can be saved globally even after the project ended. For example, there is a on/off switch in the cospace, and a variable indicates if the button is on or off. However, when the button is turned on by someone running the project, the button variable is turned on for the projnect itself and the variable will be saved as “on” even after the player exits the project, and it is not just something that will get reset when the project has ended. Another great example of using “cloud variables” would be to make a leaderboard with the variables and showing on the project so that the high score automatically updates after the project has ended. Scratch already has this feature and I suggest anyone interested could play around with the cloud variables block in that platform. This is all the basics I know, please let me know when you have a reply for this.

(the original post/feature request) - FEATURE REQUEST- Cloud variables

Hope everyone has a great day!