My code is not working properly anymore after the last system update


I noticed that there must be a new update released recently (probably last night or early this morning) as the info panel looks so different now. Since then, my project is not working properly as it did before the update although I didn’t change anything. Do you know what may cause the issue?

Here is my project for your reference
After you click on the food, it will release several sugar cubes and all of the cubes are supposed to be clickable. The code worked just fine yesterday, so I really don’t know what happened.


Hi @Minh_Le,

Here’s a remix-able link to your fixed scene :slight_smile:

We noticed that a lot of references to sugar cubes were made by trying to find them by their names. The code was adjusted to first create the sugar cube, and then bind its behavior as separate function. Using parameters is a safer way to keep your item references intact.

We’ll investigate why your original code suddenly stoped working. Thanks a lot for this bug report! :slight_smile:

Fantastic. Thank you so much @Stefan
I didn’t know about the set space property block before. Could you explain some use cases for this block? Can I use it to hold some scene’s variables like game score etc.?

Hi @Minh_Le,

Glad to be of help! This block is new and allows you to store and load data between scenes. Check out this forum answer for a link to an example space :slight_smile:

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